Cutting, Cutting and More Cutting.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Apparently I'm really lazy because I don't seem to make much headway on anything lately.  I've got lots of projects going and I really need to focus. 

Hmmm.  I'm always saying that, aren't I? 
Well.  I do the best I can.

Anyways, one project that I shouldn't be working on but that is towards the top of the list is my Scrap Jar Stars Quilt.  Leanne from the blog, Lizzie the Quilter, inspired me to go "all out" and make my red, white and blue table topper into a large throw-size quilt.

I had a little time the other day while my daughter watched a show and the boys were out.  I brought my cutting mat downstairs so I could be by her (and still feel productive).  I was able to get a lot of squares cut.

I did the math and it seems that I will need about 456 more 2" squares and 152 more 4-1/4" squares.  All this cutting is really putting a dent in my red, white and blue stash.  I like it :)

I will be making a total of (42) 12" blocks (only 38 more to go).
The quilt should measure out to be 72" x 84".
At the rate I am going this quilt will be finished in 2015.

You can find the tutorial HERE for my Scrap Jar Stars Quilt.

Have a good day :)
~ Amber


  1. I love these blocks and your tutorial is great. I'm going to have to do some of these....and soon!

  2. Love all the little blocks. I spent my weekend cutting squares for granny blocks. =D

  3. You're so funny! You'll make it WAY before 2015. Slow and steady wins the race!

  4. I love your scrap jar quilt,is gorgeous!

    Happy sewing!

  5. That is going to be gorgeous when it is finished. I can see it is a big stash buster.

  6. That's going to be an awesome quilt. It would look great in my Americana family room.... :)

  7. WOW, that is a lot of cutting!!! Your quilt will be wonderful when it's done!!!

  8. Those colors are wonderful. It is going to turn out beautifully!

  9. Come on Amber, you can do it. I made 25 blocks and added a border and my quilt is 85x85". If you make 42 blocks thats going to be HUGE. Can't wait to see your progress.

  10. i love the colors in your pile. they are going to become a lovely quilt!

  11. I love your tutorial and your blog - I found you during Pleasant Home's Sew Scraps Along and I haven't been able to get your star out of my mind. I have started gathering/collecting blue and reds with this project in mind. :)


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