Ten Little Things

Thursday, January 12, 2012

 {I'm grateful for}
  1. A boy that wakes up every morning immediately talking in silly voices (at least he's happy, right?)
  2. A girl that calls down to me every night, asking me to come stay for her personal prayers.
  3. A politically informed guy that listens lovingly as I inarticulately try to describe Newt Gingrich's speech from the other night (which I liked).
  4. An unexpected offer from a mom & dad to offer to watch their grand-kids so their daughter and son-in-law can have a date night.
  5. Sparkly taupe nail polish that symbolizes sisterhood (and the memory of the fact that aqua nail polish makes my older sister "want to throw up").
  6. 5 lbs. lost
  7. Using Christmas money from in-laws to get a queen-sized quilt quilted (for .05 cents an inch!  Yay!!)
  8. The same politically informed guy calling me while I'm out shopping to tell me he is going to donate some cash to the "get new church clothes & shoes fund" when I didn't want to ask for anything more since he spoiled me for Christmas.
  9. A little girl that prays to make {more} girl friends, {better} girlfriends.
  10. 5 hours to myself to hit some local quilt shops/market patterns, look into "going back to school" and do some shoe shopping and if there's time, hopefully get some sewing in :)

If you want to share the little moments that inspire, beckon, excite or move you, you can link up to Cassie's "Little Things Series" HERE.


  1. I love your little things this day! Such sweet things that I can see why mean so much.

    I wish Maya and Brooklynn were closer so they could be best little friends! x

  2. :) Lots to be thankful for! I love this series Cassie put together. Thanks for sharing! And way to go, 5 pounds is fantastic!

  3. Wow, this a really neat post! Thanks for sharing. And you lost 5 lbs??? Your already tiny but that's awesome! Would like to lose just a few myself.

  4. 1. I love that little gal.
    2. I love you!
    3. But Newt...?


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