Tuesday Tips {Twin Fibers}

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Welcome to Tuesday Tips!

We have another inspiring creative space brought to us today by Jessica of the blog, Twin Fibers!  I found Twin Fibers a few months ago while cruising around Blogland one day and have loved the quilty goodness I've seen there since.  Especially this 3 Pears Pillow (check it out!)  Jessica is a twin (as you may have guessed).  She shares the blog with sister, Jennifer, which means it's twice the fun over there!  So without further adieu, here's Jessica ~

Good Morning!
I wanted to say thanks to Amber for inviting me to be a part of her Tuesday Tips. I have to admit, I'm a new reader to her blog and I'm so happy to have found A Little Bit Biased!

I thought I'd take some time today and show you around my little sewing area. My husband helped me build in this area of our basement so that I could have a dedicated area to sew and quilt. It has been so nice to be able to leave a project out and not have it messed up (like it frequently was when I was sewing at the kitchen table). :)

my sewing area - to the right

My space over looks the play area in the basement. I've got a row of cabinets to hold fabric... most of my stash is in the center cabinet with the frosted glass doors. I keep my serger and sewing machine set up and ready to go.
I find it really helpful to have the ironing board right behind my chair. That way I can just turn around and press a seam quickly.

my sewing area - to the left

Here's a view to the left. This is where I have my rotary cutting mat and rulers.
The white shelf holds all sorts of ribbons, Perle cotton, glitter, pincushions and a few little decorative items that are special to me. I also set my rotary cutter up on the shelf... I've had problems with little hands getting a hold of scissors and cutting fabric before, so I've learned to keep them up high and out of reach!

scrap storage

My work area is usually pretty clean. I find that when I'm organized and there's not a huge mess... then I can focus on a project and finish it up. Now, for the rest of the playroom... there's toys all over... but at least I have an area that's cleaned up! ;)  The picture above is of my scrap fabric storage. I think it's about time for a scrap quilt!

thread storage

And here's how I store all my thread. I have a couple of clear storage boxes where the spools are sorted by color order.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing a little bit of how I organize and store things! Please visit with me at twin fibers if you'd like to see what I've been sewing.

Jessica, thanks so much for coming today!  I love your set up (so clean and organized and pretty!)  I need to move my ironing board closer to me and get me some of those clear containers for thread!  Just perfect!!!

Please feel free to leave Jessica a comment below.
I hope you enjoyed this installment of Tuesday Tips and have a great day!


  1. It looks like such a pleasant place to be creative.

  2. So lovely! And that tiny version of cogs & wheels pattern is darn cute.

  3. What a nice sewing area. I love the cheery yellow walls and the window valance. Makes me smile:)

  4. Now that's a sewing corner! Love it!
    thank you for sharing!


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