Monday, October 24, 2011

Working in the fabric/quilting industry is really a dream.  I smile when I tell someone that "I was working" when I was actually at home sewing, playing with fabric, designing, writing up patterns, researching {Pinterest, blogs, magazines}, marketing {blogging}, going to quilt shops and buying fabric.  Once in a while I even get to hang out with some really amazing and inspiring people that love what I love.

One of those occasions was last week when I was able to attend Amanda Herring's {The Quilted Fish} launch party for her new fabric line called Delighted!  I had first got an email about it and then a darling invitation in the mail so I've had been looking forward to it all month.  I made arrangements to go with my quilty friend, Heather {from Quilt Story}.  We had a blast and I just have to share some pictures from that night.

Amanda thought of every detail.  Seriously.  I could tell the moment we walked in the door that we were in for some fun. 

Look at these centerpieces!

And these window displays...

 {LOVE that truck!}


 There was make and take stations, a photo booth and even a candy "bar"!

I LOVE the ferris wheel {and look ~ she even made pillows for the cabs!}

There were a few familiar faces
[Amy from the blog, Amy's Creative Side, Heather and Erin from the blog, Two More Seconds].  It was fun to chit chat and get a little kick in the pants from Amy...I've been such a slacker lately :)

 [ Me and the hostess, Amanda]

That girl is so inspiring.  She really knows how to go "all out" and make everything a party!  I drove home that night with goodies in hand and my creative juices flowing.  Thanks Amanda for showing us how it's done!!!


  1. Love all the details! What fun!!

  2. The best job you can have is getting paid for something you would do for free. I think you found your "Best Job."

  3. Looks like so much fun. I'm super jealous, I'm trying not to be, I can't help it.

  4. Oh how fun, you lucky girl! It looks like you had a wonderful time!

  5. Lots and lots of eye candy :D


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