Side & Corner Setting Triangles

Monday, September 12, 2011

Do you ever set blocks "on-point"?

Once in a while I do (see examples here and here).  I feel like it can really take things up a notch, especially when you're dealing with simple blocks (like in my second example).  With my latest quilt top finish I, again, set my blocks on point.  I just liked the look of the star from that angle, rather than having the quarter-square triangle at the top of the star. 

The only problem with setting blocks on-point is that you have those darn side and corner setting triangles to fill in.  Sometimes it can be a guessing game to figure out just how big to cut those triangles.  A sure fire way to make them the right size is to cut one plain block (out of your background or "setting" triangle fabric) for each end of each row.   Then (after all of the rows are sewn together) trim off all the excess a 1/4" outside the outer point of each block. 

But still, kind of a pain because you end up wasting a lot of fabric that way.

So you can imagine the excitement when some of the girls were out shopping during our quilting retreat a few weeks ago and a fabulous sales lady introduced them to the EZ Flip 'n' Set ruler.  It's such a snap.  All you have to do is look on the outer edge of the ruler to find your finished block size.  On the inside edge of the ruler it tells you what size strip to cut for side setting triangles.

Cut your strips of fabric.  Line your ruler up on the strips according to the finished size block you want and then follow the outside edge of the ruler to cut triangles, flipping the ruler with every new cut!

It takes the guesswork out of side and corner setting triangles.
So simple. So much less fabric waste. So fast!

Unfortunately, I think I was the only in the group that didn't buy it.  I must have been at home sewing while some of the girls went out and discovered it.  But after borrowing my neighbors, it is definitely on my list of "must haves"! 

Just thought I'd share :)

~ Amber


  1. I use the Robert Kaufman's Quilter's Little Helper app on my iphone. I love things on point. I really hate it when you have to cut an odd size I am cutting 3 1/8" triangles and I only have one notch at the very tip of my ruler to mark that spot. REALLY?!?!?! UGH.

  2. Wow Amber what a great tool. I'm going to bookmark this for my next on point quilt and get this tool.

  3. Is there a name for this quilt pattern? It's beautiful!! I am wondering how big the blocks are?

    So glad I found your blog! You look like such a sweet family!!


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