Keeping it Real

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

**WARNING: Be prepared to be appalled.**

I'm embarrassed, but welcome to my sewing room...

It's in need of a major makeover, as you can see.  It's a disaster and it's not working for me.  Notice: pig butt on the cutting table with a halo around it's neck.  I think that became a fixture in the room when my daughter decided to set up shop behind my design wall a month or so ago.  I remember her saying something about "needing decorations".  Enter pig.

Things are strewn all about; only making room for any immediate cutting or designing that needs to be done.  Things aren't getting put back in there homes.  Apparently my life is a whirlwind.

I'd like to introduce my "Mary Poppins" bag that I take to work with me.  There's probably 5 "in-the-works" projects in there.  Just keep digging and digging.  You'll find all sorts of stuff in there. 

One little thing that brightened my day today ~ I sat down to sew for a few minutes this morning and found this little surprise waiting for me.  Oh, Little Missy is such a sweetie...She melts my heart.

Right next to the sweet note is this mess.  Can you believe I've been working in this kind of environment?   Agh!!!

On the design wall?  A little Halloween something that I've been working on.  Just a sneak peak for now.  I'll show you more soon...

Gotta piece the back and then off to the quilter she goes!

You'll have to excuse all of the ugly pictures, but that's what's going on here today.  You might be able to relate all of this freaking out and procrastination to the fact that I have to teach a class tonight on "How to make Cake Pops and decorate cupcakes".  Do you think I have made cake pops before?  No.  Do you think I am a professional baker?  No.  Wish me luck...   

Any tips for keeping your sewing room in tip top shape?  Seriously.  I need help.  Anyone want to come over and give me a free makeover?  I guess I just need to set aside some time to clean.  But for now, I am off to decorate cupcakes for the afternoon.

Hope you have a wonderful day.
(And I promise, next time, I will be a much happier girl :)

~ Amber