A work in progress

Thursday, August 25, 2011

One of the projects I worked on at my quilting retreat last weekend was this:

It may be the first dark background quilt that I've done and I love it!  It really makes my brights pop!  This simple Goose Tracks block is one I have not done before.  I love the secondary designs that you can see when you stand back and look at the quilt in it's entirety. 

The block is a common one, but I used instructions from the book Around the Block with Judy Hopkins (the same book where all of my recent sampler blocks came from).  My finished block size will be 10".

I'm not sure how big this will be when I'm finished.  I think I'll keep going until I run out of my background fabric.  I bought 3 yards and only have about 2/3 of a yard left, plus 7 more blocks ready to be sewn together.  It might end up being a large throw size quilt.