Mixing things up

Monday, August 29, 2011

Most of my quilts have polka dot fabrics in them.  

Whether I use a dot for the entire background fabric or just a little here and there, I almost always incorporate polka dots in my quilts.  It adds a bit of whimsy.  They're happy!  They're classic.  I LOVE them.  But there have been times when I have went to my stash and just didn't have the variety I needed.  It's like all I had was polka dots!  In my opinion, polka dots are always a safe choice when buying fabric, but I've realized that I needed to branch out a bit.

So, while I was on my quilting retreat two weekends ago, I splurged and bought about 3 yards of fabric.  I couldn't resist these prints.  I have no idea when I will use them!?! But they are colors that I like.  They are sweet and fun and whimsical.

Just quarter yard cuts, since I don't really have a purpose for them.  Enough to make my little heart happy though.

I also felt inclined to buy some more orange and teals for my crayon quilt.  Again, only quarter yard cuts.  As you can see on the left, I already had 5 POLKA DOTS in my fabric collection!!!  I think the ones I bought are adding a nice variety of color, prints and scale to the collection though.

And finally, I bought a few fabrics to finish off a little Fig Tree Halloween wall hanging I'm working on.  

OK, so I couldn't get away without buying a few polka dots!  So sue me! :) They're kind of a staple though.  I don't think I will ever go without them all together, but I have realized it's nice to have a variety. :)

So what's in your stash???


  1. I had noticed your love for polka dots...I think they are darling! I find myself gravitating to the same kinds of fabrics too-only my staple is any tone on tones. Gotta use what you like!

  2. Polka dots are awesome; it's okay if you have tons. :)

  3. I do love polka dots and think you have a nice mixture of colors and patterns here in your new fabric purchase.

  4. There is tons of Polka dot fabric in my stash for sure :)
    Love the bee fabric Do you have the name of it or designer?

  5. Marta,

    The bee fabric is a Michael Miller fabric, pattern #CX4531.


  6. Great fabrics!!! I go in spurts with my fabric choices, but I always love dots.

  7. I'm crazy for polka dots too (include them in most of my aprons). I love fruity prints too.

    Happy quilting,

  8. great buys! and of course ya gotta get some more polka dots. :)

  9. I love your philosophy on dots. I'm kind of checked or plaid kind of girl...but I completely unferstand:)

  10. Love all that fabric! You have such a fun hobby!

  11. Ok I know this post is from pretty long ago, but I am hoping you can tell me which collection the fig tree quilts large dot at the bottom of the stack is from and if you know the color. I am searching for that fabric currently and there are so many collections that it could be from since internet pictures aren't always perfect, but the orange is exactly what I am looking for. Thanks in advanced and if you don't remember that is ok. I am really just going out on a limb :)


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