A Trunk Show

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Tuesday, June 28th at 8 p.m.
165 N 100 E
Alpine, Utah, 84004
(Red Brick Church)

It's my first.
I'm nervous.
And intimidated.
And scared.

I'm bringing Gigi.
She's going to show quilts too.
I'm happy about that :)

Here's some of my stack:
And, I may or may not bring some of these:

Chocolate Mint Brownies

Quilts and chocolate.  It should be fun. 
I'd love for you to come.
Be sure to say "hi" if you do.


  1. That's a pretty stack of quilts. Looks like it will be a good show. I see a bulls eye quilt at the bottom of the stack. I'm working on one of those now.

  2. Wish I lived close, I would be there for sure. Good luck but you will just fine. Remember you are with quilters.

  3. Very exciting,too bad I live so very far away!

  4. I should know this but how close is Alpine to Payson? I would love to go

  5. That is so cool! Congratulations!

  6. Hi Amber, I´m sure that it´ll be an excellent show. And to bring brownies is a very good idea. Who doesn´t like them? I would like to go but I live so very, very, very... far away! See you soon...Mari

  7. Oh! I wish I could go! I have a meeting I can't miss that night. :-( Good luck! So glad Gigi will be with you. You're both an inspiration.

  8. Thanks for reminding me. I 'll be there. I've been absent a lot this year. Stuff has kept me away but I don't have anything for tonight so I'll be glad to come. Now that said, I hope no emergency crops up. You'll do great.

  9. Wish I could be there! You'll do awesome!


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