Market Highlights

Monday, May 16, 2011

Ahhh...It's over. 
Months of preparation, anxiety attacks and giddyness. 
Days of setting up, sleepless nights, meeting new people, seeing some familliar names and faces and meeting a few idols.'s done.  It was wonderful and a lot of hard work all at the same time.  And now I'm looking forward to getting back on top of things here on the home front.

Not taking more pictures and
not going to the Riley Blake party like I was planning on
(I was so tired!!  But, I heard I missed out on some craziness and some dancing. And, if you know me, you know I like to let loose on the dance floor!)

Seeing all of my planning and preparation come to fruition. 

Meeting blog authors that I love and some of my followers that I love :)

Here's Vanessa and me. 
I think I told her we should hang out sometime.  Then I realized that she was probably wondering who I was???  She's much cooler than I am (sorry about that, Vanessa!)  But, I still think that would be fun ~ if you don't think I'm too much of a stalker :)  

I was so excited to run into my sweet friends, Rae Ann Nilson, Susann Evans and Sherri from (A Quilting Life). 

Judi from Green Fairy Quilts was SO SWEET and friendly.  And, I really don't think she's that much taller than me!  She was just a mad woman in heels that day!  Can you believe someone so young can be so talented at quilting?  She really is amazing.  Glad we met, Judi!

L to R: me, Amy Ellis (from Amy's Creative Side), Allison Harris (from Cluck, Cluck, Sew), Vanessa Christenson (from V and Co.) and Erin Singleton (from Two More Seconds).  These girls are in a whole other level of blogging than I am, but it was such a treat to meet them.  So friendly and sweet!  

And, thanks to THE Miss Sandy Klop for taking our picture while we bombarded her booth.  Sandy gets the award for being the most down to earth designer.  Such a sweetheart (sending people my way, giving me plants from her booth to put in my garden when it was all over, answering questions for me, playing "catch" together...  She was just chill about the whole thing and it was a joy to be kiddy-corner from her booth!)

(My SIL, Brittany and Sandy: "pretending to be best frineds for a minute", as Sandy put it).

Another fabric and pattern designer extraordinaire that we were excited to meet was Camille (from Thimble Blossoms).  Her and her mom, Bonnie (from Cotton Way) shared a booth and it was darling!  We kind of stalked their booth in our down time.  They were super sweet and I loved being able to trade patterns with them!

See that quilt behind us?  Brittany and I will be making that soon (out of the Ruby fat quarter bundle we made a mad dash for at Sample Spree).  That's the only thing we bought.  We love Ruby (and the pattern, called Swoon)!!! We're going to try to split up the fat quarters in a professional manner, so as to not break up our friendship :)

This picture (above) is just a sliver of what it looks like at the Moda booth during Sample Spree.  And, this one below is just to show how awesome it is to take a picture while you're running into sample spree.  If you're as good of a photographer as I am, this is what you might get: 

Seriously.  I'm a dork.  I was so excited.  I was jumping up and down during the final few minutes before Sample Spree started.  We were at the beginning of one of the lines and then when the guy announced over the speaker that Sample Spree had begun, I ditched my group (it's every man for himself, right?)and started running with my camera in the air, just taking pictures of whatever.  (I lose all rationale when I get excited).  So, you might want to go to other people's blogs, if you want to see some actual pictures of Sample Spree.

Me and my besty, Sabrina.  She's not a quilter, but I dragged her to Market anyways.

Brittany is the only other quilter in my whole family, except for Gigi, so we have a ball together.  She was a HUGE help, setting up and manning the booth with me.  Thanks Britt!  I love ya!  One of my favorite keepsakes - our Moda photo booth pictures (I hope I didn't break your back!)  I told you, I lose all inhibition when I get excited...

Well, that's my take on Market.  Not the best pictures, but they're all I got.

Oh, and if you're wondering where you can get my patterns, young and old, you can stop by my etsy shop here.  Bye-bye!