Thursday, April 28, 2011

My little sister's posts always remind me to focus on the positive...
It's a little hard when you're getting reading for a really big event.  Things are bound to be stressful and to not always go the way you want...

But today, at this moment, I am focusing on the positive.

~ Watching my son play baseball on a warm Spring night.
~ A daughter who tells me I look beautiful.
~ Friends who help, care, understand, forgive, listen
and tell me I'll have to just let it go.
~ 3 new pattern instructions completed!!!
~ News that one set of instructions only needed one hyphenation!  (Usually there are lots more corrections I have to make after my mom edits.  It's a miracle!) 
~ Black bananas (and a date with Calli's banana bread recipe.) 
~ A clean kitchen

Even in the hard times, we are all:

Look for the Little Things...


  1. Thanks for the reminder.....And finding a new friend--- I added S for S to my GOogle reader....

  2. At my sewing Bee today, we were all talking about your Christmas Dresdan. Hope you take it to market. Just stop and catch your breath, it is all going to go well. Hugs

  3. A few hours not working really does reduce the stress and make you more productive! I'm not sure how that works out but it always does. Stay positive - it's never a bad thing!

  4. It's nice to write those things down and get some perspective. It'd be a wise thing if I did this daily. :)

    Let me know what I can help with - I offer, you accept, k?! And at least let's order some pizza for the kids and you and I have a pattern folding party. Call me lady!

  5. Such sweet little things, and how the little things make a huge difference!! That Maya is a sweetie. :)

  6. Hang in there, congratulations on the fantastic pattern edits!

  7. This is a very exciting time for you. You have accomplished so much. I love your list and as long as you focus on those, everything else will fall into place.
    I am so excited for your first market adventure. Your patterns are great and with all those fantastic models, you will do great.
    I visited your little sis's blog. She is very talented too. It runs in the family.
    Your kitchen is beautiful. Love the chandelier too. I'm off to check the banana bread recipe as I have black bananas too.
    My friend and owner of Strawberry Patches quilt store is going to market soon...going to see if she goes to Salt Lake and tell her she must see your booth.


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