Thursday, April 28, 2011

My little sister's posts always remind me to focus on the positive...
It's a little hard when you're getting reading for a really big event.  Things are bound to be stressful and to not always go the way you want...

But today, at this moment, I am focusing on the positive.

~ Watching my son play baseball on a warm Spring night.
~ A daughter who tells me I look beautiful.
~ Friends who help, care, understand, forgive, listen
and tell me I'll have to just let it go.
~ 3 new pattern instructions completed!!!
~ News that one set of instructions only needed one hyphenation!  (Usually there are lots more corrections I have to make after my mom edits.  It's a miracle!) 
~ Black bananas (and a date with Calli's banana bread recipe.) 
~ A clean kitchen

Even in the hard times, we are all:

Look for the Little Things...