The Little Things

Thursday, March 31, 2011

My little sis does a "Little Things" post every week.
I admire her for looking for all the good amongst life's crazy and mundane.

This week, I have a few little things to share too...

- Laughing so hard I cried (with my mom).
- The first "real" Spring day.  Ahhh...warmth!
- My little blondie running to me with arms wide open as she gets off the bus.
- Trying out a new Spring soup recipe from a new cookbook from a friend
and splurging on some fun ingredients!
- 2010 Ledger complete (for tax purposes).
- A little boy who gets ready for soccer practice 2 hours early.
- A nice visit with Gigi and a little bonus gift of some of her reproduction scraps.
- Another sewing night tonight with non-quilty friends.
and last, but not least,
- This new fabric line that I get to play with:

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