I've been a bad, bad girl...

Friday, March 11, 2011

That song was running through my head as I drove home from work today.  I don't usually splurge this much.  Maybe $20 dollars here, $30 there. 
But today ~ I was a bad, bad girl.

I walked into work and immediately decided I was going to feed my hungry little stash.  This was the main course:

I can thank Riley Blake for ruining my "diet." 

To help me not feel so much buyers remorse, let's just say that I HAD to do it for blogging purposes!?!  There's a lesson here in all of this.  (Hmmm, that doesn't make me feel that any better.  Probably 'cause that's a lie.  But, let me share with you anyways why I bought what I bought.)

First up ~ these happy, cheery polka dots. 
They're just happy.  And they're cheery. 
So you really can't go wrong with having these in your stash.
(I know many of you can relate to this way of thinking.)

= 1 yard cut.
(The thinking on this is that 1 yard will be enough for
a small border or binding on most size quilts 
OR the back of a baby blanket.)

Second ~ could there be any cuter stripes? 

I really don't think so.  And stripes are good. 
3/4 yard will bind any quilt that I'll probably end up doing (even on the bias).  So that's what I got.

Here are some cute coordinates:

But, knowing me, these fabrics will be dispersed into any number of different projects.  Using them all together in the same quilt is a little too predictable (I like to mix it up).   But, they will be great to have in my stash.  I don't have a lot of pinks or teals and the dots and swirls are basic enough that they won't get outdated quickly.  The red paisley on the left is a little bit of a leap for me (but I decided I needed something with a little "punch").

= 1/4 yd. cuts of all of those since they'll probably be incorporated little by little into scrap quilts.  Don't need much.

[Fabrics shown above are from the fabric line Sweet Nothings by Zoe Pearn Designs for Riley Blake.]

The following fabrics are from
called Sugar & Spice:

Polka dots and tone on tone flowers are good basics.  Don't know exactly what I'm using them for so 1/4 yd. cuts are good.  Again, I need more pinks in my stash and I am collecting fabrics for a red and aqua quilt.  I use red a lot.  I can never have enough reds.

More 3/4 yd. cuts of stripes for possible future bindings:

And, last but not least ~ my biggest splurge. 
The most expensive, but the one I'm most excited about. 
4 1/2 yds of this big, red and white polka dot.  Such a great basic.  This would be a great outer border or backing.  4 1/2 yds. should be enough to back a full size bed quilt.

Mmm.  Yumm. 
That will probably have to be the back for this red and aqua quilt that has yet to be started (oh, it's gonna be hard to use it up though!)  Backs should be happy though, don't 'cha think?  This dot definitely screams happy.

So.  I try to justify this expense.

Maybe it's because my husband's been gone for a week...

Or maybe it's because I'm missing out on a fun and relaxing weekend in St. George with my quilting group.  I mean come on.  Let's be honest.  You know I would've had to spend a nice chunk of change at all of those quilt shops along the way there...plus gas and food.  I'm really better off for just buying what I bought.

Or, maybe, just maybe I'm a fabric-a-holic and I need some help.  Yeah.  I think that's what it is.
We can't all be perfect all of the time...  Can we???


Just a little FYI ~ For those of you keeping tabs on the cotton price increase, here in Utah, fabric is running on average about $10 per yard.  The fabric I bought today was $9.60 per yard.