Weekend Sewing

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hello all 505 followers you!  It's kind of crazy, to think that 500 people think this blog is worth looking at on a semi-regular basis!?!  Thank you for all of your kind words and support along my creative journey these past few years.  I've been quilting for about 13 years, but my pattern biz, Gigi's Thimble, has been in full effect for just over a year now.  I love that I've actually made one of my dreams come true!  It's been a learning process and just keeps getting better all the time.  I've got some fun things in the works that I'm really excited about and a new pattern coming out any day.  [That's #7!!!]

On this blog, you will see my personal creations for Gigi's Thimble, as well as some quilts designed by other designers.  Sometimes, I have to take a little break from all of the note-taking, graph paper drawings,  design wall pondering, diagram designing and instruction writing, [as much as I love that whole left-brain, right-brain thing:)]

Here's one of those little "just for fun" projects I whipped up this weekend: 

It's for Just Sew [where I work a couple of days a week]. 
We gotta start getting our summer samples ready
and nothing is better for July, than a Buggy Barn star quilt.   

So, I'm wondering...
Why you have chosen to follow this blog? 
And, what makes you follow other blogs?

Do you look for daily posts?
New projects all the time?
Thought provoking topics?

Why do you follow? 
Just wondering...


  1. I follow your blog because I like to see what everyone is doing with quilting. You have such cute designs and I really enjoy your fabric choices also. I guess you could say I look to you for inspiration on a regular basis. Thanks for asking.

  2. I follow because I LOVE your patterns! Also, I like your color choices with your quilts AND you write your posts like you are talking with us - like we are old friends :) It's been great seeing your success climb - I hope 2011 is a great year for you!

  3. I like to see what everyone else in Quilt Land is doing and admire their creativeness and industry! I also like getting inspiration from what others are doing... stretch myself a bit...

  4. I think I found your blog when looking for a binding tutorial. I love your quilts and your patterns. It's a bright pretty upbeat blog, my favorite kind! I don't look for daily posts or giveaways. Just a little creative kick every once a while in the form of inspiration and maybe a tutorial or two!!

  5. Several reasons I follow your blog. One.. I love to learn new things. It is my goal for the new year. Two, I looooooooove those quilt designs. They just draw me in. They are BEEutiful. And of course who doesn't love a giveaway, I can't lie. LOL. Mostly, I love to learn, I'm a newbie, and I have so much to learn.

  6. I recently discovered your blog and subscribed to your RSS feed but I'm sorry to say I must cancel my subscription because you don't provide a "FULL FEED". What is a feed to a quilt blog without images? I'm so disappointed. If you decide to provide a full feed, please let me know because I would really like to follow along.

  7. I love all the projects I've seen on your blog so I recently started following. I really like the Sugar and Spice pattern so have added that to my list of wants. :>)

  8. I love to blog and go to blogs that inspire me. Sometimes it is their style that draws me, sometimes it just calls my name. I enjoy coming to your blog every now and then.

  9. I don't have a real group of girls to hang out with now that I've moved back to my home-state of Tennessee, so I love waking up and seeing what other like-minded guys and gals have found to keep themselves motivated and busy.

    Yep, I check the blogs that I follow most every day, and If I don't find enough inspiration there, I check out the blogs on other people's sidebars.

  10. That buggy barn star quilt is a great one. I once made it up in Christmas colors and I just love it. I like your patriotic one!

  11. I typically follow blogs for inspiration - colors, patterns, tips, etc.

  12. I just love your blog -- you always have pretty quilts! I definitely don't look for daily postings -- I follow quite a few blogs and daily postings are just too much to consume. Plus, I think daily postings cause over exposure. Giveaways aren't a biggie for me either -- I have an over-full house as it is LOL!

  13. The quilt turned out cute. You did a good job picking out those fabrics.

  14. Ambs, what a cute quilt! I follow your blog cause I love ya and love seeing all your wonderful creations! Will miss you in July :(

  15. Love this quilt! Is it a stack-n-whack? I have a similar one bookmarked in a mag that I want to try out some day.... we all know about someday.

    I like your blog because I love cruising blogs for eye candy to inspire either pattern or color ideas. I have you on my Thursday list and when I hit you I go back to catch anything I missed.

  16. I think I found your blog through another quilters blog. I like your quilts. Love the stars quilt.

    My favorite blogs are all a little different from each other.

    I don't understand all the stuff about RSS feeds, but just click on your blog cause its in my favorites.

    Have I mentioned I'm addicted to reading blogs????


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