Blog Maintenance and No-Reply Bloggers

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just a couple of things~

First, thank you for your sweet comments today.  It's nice to know why some of you follow this blog.  Sometimes I wonder if people "get me" or if I come off weird?!?
I'm a pretty "straight-to-the-point" kind of gal, but I never want to come off rude.  You just never know how you're coming across through a computer screen... so thanks for sharing your nice thoughts!

 Anyways, I learned something today, from a reader named Heather.  She brought to my attention that my blog has been on a "short RSS feed".  I don't know much about it, other than the fact that only a snippet of each of my posts shows up instead of the full post with images.  What would this blog world be, without all of the amazing images?!?  So, I wanted to be the first to tell you that A Little Bit Biased is now offering the "FULL FEED".  One question I have about all of this though is ~ where are those feeds going to?  I just always get updates through my blog "Reading List".  If a post title looks interesting then I'll click on the link and check it out.  So if you have a blog "subscription" where is that at?

Although I have been blogging for quite a while now, I will be the first to admit, that I only know the basics.  So thank you, Heather, for teaching me something new and for the rest of you, if you have a suggestion on how I can make this blog more accessible, by all means, let me know! :)

One other thing I thought I would mention is regarding 
"no-reply" bloggers.  I have been wondering what the deal is with these "no-reply" addresses I see from some of my commenters...are they really NOT going to get my reply???  [I was in denial - can you believe that I would still send a response!  I'm such a dork!!!]  It's sad when you ask a question or leave a comment that I want to respond to and I can't!   In some cases, you may win a giveaway, but there is no way to get in touch with you!  If you are a no-reply blogger, you may want to check out this great post from Jodi @ Pleasant Home.  Some of you might not even know that you go on!  Check it out!

Well, this was all business, wasn't it?!?  Sorry for the "no-photo post".  I think that is a first EVER.  I have been spray painting our banisters all day today and I think the fumes are getting to me.  Time to go take a 11 o'clock at night.