Vintage Halloween Quilt

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hello there.  I've been having card reader issues, so I apologize for being a little M.I.A. lately.  [But, I guess a week between posts isn't that unusual for me.] 
It's just that I've had some things to share.  I've been thinking about you, really I have...

One thing I've wanted to share, is this wonderful, amazing, really empty box that I have.  I absolutely love it!  It makes me feel so good inside!   

"Why?" you may ask.  Because...
That means I have one of these!!!

That's right!  A very old, and now completed, WIP [work in progress].  Yay!!!

I started embroidering these vintage Halloween blocks about 4 or 5 years ago.  They've pretty much been done for the last year or two and I finally [on a whim] pulled them out the other day to put them all together.

I got the patterns from a friend of my mom's [who only had 7 of the 8 ?? embroidery patterns].  But by the time I pulled out the pattern again, I had misplaced the instructions for the blocks that went between the embroidered blocks.  So, I whipped up these scrappy, Irish Chain blocks instead.  I love them and have really been feeling the look of Irish Chains lately.

When I saw the black and cream polka dot fabric about a year ago
[American Vintage #30684 from Windham Fabrics],
I knew I just had to incorporate it somehow in this quilt.  So I bought 2 yards.
I love the look of these dots since they have a little bit of "antiquing" on them. I think they go really nicely with the quilt.

I bought the black and tans [that I used on the Irish Chain blocks] for another project I was going to start, but decided to go a different route with that one, so I was happy to know they would be put to good use in this quilt.

And, finally, I couldn't resist some ticking for the back and this cute little label by Riley Blake.  The label is pre-printed and comes with a bunch of different ones on one panel.  So cute, right? 

I think I'll bind it in the ticking as well...Anyways, I can't wait to get this off to the quilter!!!  I can finally check another one off the list [almost.]

Oh, before I go, I have a question for you.  Has anyone out there seen these embroidery patterns before?  I am wondering who designed them and what the pattern is called?  If anyone has any more info. on this, will you let me know?  I will love you forever [Thanks!]