My stash

Thursday, January 27, 2011

When people see my stash -
they're surprised.
Maybe even a little shocked.

I do not have a storage room full of fabric from floor to ceiling.
I do not throw down hundreds of dollars every time I go to a quilt store.

I.  Am.  [relatively] Frugal.

So how does a quilt designer, an avid quilter and a girl who works at a fabric store no less, have such a small stash?!?

Here are some of my thoughts on that:
First, I am definitely a girl who has made lots of quilts,
so my fabric accumulates at a rather slow pace. 

Second, I am a girl on a budget.  I have to be frugal. 
We're not into "charging up the credit card" around here and we're not "rich folk" either.  All of my fabric and long-arm machine quilting costs come from the money I earn at Just Sew and selling patterns, etc.  Not one dime comes from our "family funds".  I couldn't do that to my husband.  He would probably go into cardiac arrest if he knew how much money went to this little hobby of mine:)  So, as long as it's coming out of my money, he doesn't have to ask.

Third, I'm just a little OCD about scraps.  I LOOOOVE to use them up.  I'm always thinking of the next project to make with my left-overs.
Fourth, I learned during my old scrapbooking days, that scrapbook paper can go out of style and get old real fast.  So I stopped stocking up on paper.  I'd only buy when I was ready to use it and if I knew exactly what I was going to do with it.  I guess that's carried over into how I buy fabric.  It's much more fun to use new fabric, so instead of buying something that is cute and letting it sit around for who knows how long, I buy it when I need it.

I'm not perfect and I do buy little bits here and there if I really like them or I think they're basic enough to use with lots of things.  Which, by the way, Allison at Cluck, Cluck, Sew just did a post on what/how much she buys for her stash.  It's worth checking out. 

Anyways, when it's all said and done, if someone wanted to deliver a truck full of fabric at my door, I wouldn't complain:) I think I could get over having "too much" fabric, but I would definitely get busy trying to use it up! 

Anyone?  Anyone?  A truck?  Fabric?