Did I ever tell you

Monday, November 1, 2010

that I made a design wall?
[Actually, that I made two design walls!]

They're big.
They're lightweight.
They're portable.
And, they're great for taking my cover shots on, for my quilt patterns.

I used this great tutorial, found on the blog, {House} of A La Mode.


  1. I love this quilt on your new design wall. What is the name of the pattern? Would you do a tutorial on your blog? I want to make one of these with all the scraps I have.

  2. I'm loving the design wall, I want one myself. And I'm loving what's on your design wall even more! That looks beautiful!

  3. That is awesome! Love your circle squares!

  4. Heather, A great tutorial that I am certain to use one of these days. I currently have a design wall, not quite as large but still sufficient for now. After we stored away bunkbeds when the grandsons moved out, I had two bunk boards and wrapped one in heavy ecru flannel and stapled it to the back. It is heavier than yours but still light enough for even me to move anywhere I want it. I need one at least a foot wider but right now have no where to store them or even set them up. See, I am still getting organized in my new sewing room BUT...the pool table is against one wall so that wall is a loss, however...my current design board fits perfectly on top of the pool table so I can either lay things out as I go or stand it up as I need so it is working out pretty well. But when the pool table goes (about 18 months from now) I will have an extra 4' X 7' of room to spread out. I'm not crowded even now so it will be a dream when I have that space. Then I can set up two like yours and lay out a huge quilt, or several projects at once...how fun is that? Thanks for the link to the tutorial, great stuff. Hugs...

  5. Do you know I don't have a design wall? I HAVE to make one of these. GOing over now to the tutorial.

  6. Awesome! Thank you for posting! I am needing to do this in my sewing room, now with a great tutorial I have no excuse!!


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