Thursday, August 12, 2010

One of the highlights from my trip to the Northwest last week was picking blueberries at the Valley View Blueberry farm in Vancouver, Wa. (where I grew up.) 

Who knew that fresh off the bush blueberries taste like candy?!?  Seriously!  We were snacking on these delectable (and healthy) little morsels for days!

We had a good size crew picking for us that day...

My little sister, Cassie:

My nephew Ammon and niece Olivia :


My other cute little niece Brooklynn:

My sister-in-law, Jeannie:

Her son, Hunter:

and myself:
Excuse my enormous sunglasses (I didn't realize they were so big when I bought them. That's what I get for thinking I got a $3.99 "steal" at the Shade store. )

With everyone's help we were able to get at least 15 pounds of blueberries that day, which resulted in fresh blueberry pie and blueberry cobbler for days ~ Yumm!


And all of that would not be complete without a little homemade vanilla ice-cream on the side!



  1. Oh yummmm yummmmm....I am drooling over here!!

  2. I think big sunglasses are "in"... You look great in them! And that pie looks even better! Yum!

  3. Brooklynn gets my vote for being the cutest berry picker!

  4. Seriously makes me want to be betty homemaker and bust out homemade pies. Looks delicious!

  5. Oh...that is just unfair to someone who has been trying to eat heart healthy for the last 8 months, LOLOL. It truly does look delicious and the blueberry picking group all looked like they were having a great time too. Thanks so much for sharing. Now, I'm off to see if I have a blueberry poptart left over from a year ago (before the healthy eating began) hehehe!

  6. So fun! It looked like a sunny beautiful day perfect for berry picking. Cute, cute pics! I bet the pie was the very best you've ever had! Yum-0!

  7. It looks like a real fun day trip and what delicious looking blueberries! :o) You can't beat fresh, right off the bush. :o) I have a stash in my freezer too! :o)
    I hope that you are doing well!
    Sincerely ~ Tricia


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