Old Fashioned

Friday, July 16, 2010

Thanks everyone for the well wishes!  I really appreciate it and I'm just so thankful that this wound is on my left hand instead of my right.  I can still type :) and do most everything.  I've found the hardest things to do [less one thumb] are the simple things, like, buttoning my pants and fastening my bra [I know, TMI :) but it's true!]

Anyways, as a family we're heading off to San Diego today!  I'm so excited and I know we'll be busy playing mostly, but we do have a 10-hour road trip ahead...sooo, I've been busy preparing some hand work to take along.  Applique is perfect for a quilter on the go!

I was involved in a block exchange in my quilt guild last year.  We made 9-patches, 4-patches and economy blocks over the span of 9 months or so (?).  The colors were browns, pinks and blues. 

With my 9-patches and some squares of muslin I made 13 large blocks [in a 9-patch setting].  Since the 9-patches used "shirtings" for the lighter color I thought this would keep with the old fashion look.

I knew I really wanted a lot of applique on this quilt, so I've been preparing lots of flowers and leaves using the freezer paper method and my bias tape maker to make vines.

This quilt is very scrappy so I'm bringing with me an assortment of thread colors to do all of the hand applique.

I am not a big hand quilter, but I think this style of quilt definitely merits it so I'm gearing up for a long-term project.  Any thoughts on what design to use for the hand-quilting or tips on how to get it ready to quilt?  I've thought of doing echo quilting around all of the applique but I am a little scared of that undertaking.  I would love to hear your advice!

Have a great week!