Does anyone else see the potential in this?

Friday, July 9, 2010

O.K. So I am not a thrifter per say, but I came home with a little purchase today that my husband called "Junk".  I personally think this will be darling as my sewing/cutting table in my [soon to be] new sewing room.

$52 dollars for this little baby. 

It has two drop down leaves
[which I think are quite charming:)]

Cute spindley legs [I like to make up words...]

And it's white!  Perfect for the "white room" some of you might remember that I've been dreaming about!

Did I get ripped off?

My husband immediately saw the little chunk of wood that is missing on this drop down leaf:

I'm thinking it's no big deal, and besides, it adds character!

It also seems to be missing a coat of paint on the center section [or maybe some stain on the leaves].

That's easy enough to fix though [if I ever decide I need ONE MORE project.]

I thought it was a good price, but like I said, I am not a thrifter.  Any thoughts on that matter from any of you professional bargain hunters out there?

I am SUPER excited to get going on making over one of our extra bedrooms into a sewing room though!  Now...for paint colors...any suggestions? 

By the way, we're trying to decide if we're selling our house or taking it off the market.  So, I'm not rushing into anything here.  We'll have to see what happens in the next few weeks.

Anyways, ta ta for now!


  1. Amber:
    You really scored! (What missing chunk? lol) I think it will be perfect in your sewing room. Great find, girlfriend.

  2. Great table! I have a tendency to fall in love with tables, and I wish I had room for one like that! You did get a good deal and you will get a lot of use from it. Congrats!

  3. I have a table very similar to this in my sewing room that I use for my cutting table. It is not painted, but stained natural. Yours is fancier than mine though.

    I think you did get a great deal, and once you put a cutting mat on the table you won't see the part that is a slightly lighter color.

    Even if it is "only" pine wood, which is usually cheaper, I think $50 is great!

    Enjoy it!


  4. I've been looking for one just like that for a VERY long time... :) I love it. :)

  5. I must be at McDonald's cause, I'm Lovin It!!
    (Husbands, what do they know?)

  6. You found a steal. It is adorable and will be very functional. I'm seeing a light teal, maybe robin egg's blue.

  7. I think your table is totally wonderful. I would have bought the moment I saw it. The drop leaves are divine. So cute. I love old you can probably tell.

  8. That's a gate leg table, and you got a terrific deal. Way to go!

  9. Hi Amber...what you have there is called
    a gate-leg table because of the way the legs swing open to support the leaves while they are up.
    I know this because I have one EXACTLY like it in my family room. We use it all the time to play games on...homework...doing jigsaw puzzles...for the laptop...etc.
    It's the perfect size and I've had mine for about 20 years. I think I paid 40 dollars for mine at a thrift shop. You got a steal girlfriend!
    I absolutely love mine and I know you will love yours too!

  10. I think the table looks really cool and would totally make a good sewing table.

  11. It's gorgeous! That type of table is quite collectable. It's a treasure for sure.

  12. What does a man know? that is definately a treasure, a great find - you go girl.

  13. I also am looking for a table just like that for my studio. Lucky, lucky you!!

  14. Great Find! I think it's perfect for a cutting table. Decorative and practical, winning combination

  15. I love your table. It simulates the craft tables from the sewing store, but yours has WAY more character. I think you will really enjoy using it in your sewing room.

  16. It is a beautiful table and a great price. I would have loved the find.

  17. Your table is a real jewel! And so functional for a sewing room. Personally, I like it white and would put another coat for good measure. :o)
    Great job on your thrifting adventure!
    Sincerely ~ Tricia

  18. What a Steal!! My mom has been hunting for one of these and they sell for $500 plus especially in this good of shape! Good Job and it will be darling in your room!

  19. Great husband would have thought I paid too much. Oh well... I love it!

  20. It's a perfect sewing table! And you know me...I always like a little character in my pieces, especially when I find a great deal. Where did you find it by the way??? And what room are you making over?

  21. I love the table! however, I wouldn't have paid what you paid for the table, but if it makes you happy, then enjoy it! I would put another coat of paint so it looks even better, other than that the chunk of wood that is missing is not really much, and for what you want it the table is just fine...I would love a table like that (without having to pay the $ 52.....maybe $30 hehehe

  22. LOVE It! For some reason I can see it turquoise (sp). Can't wait to see the sewing room and YOU in a few weeks! Yay!

  23. I'm not really a "thrifter" either, but I live on a tight budget and would definitely have made that purchase! I can't tell you how many times I've wished my cutting table had a drop-down that I could set up to get some extra space!

  24. I too was seeing the Robin's Egg Blue for a color! It's adorable! Great find. If you ever need help with your "new room"...let me know. :)

  25. What a beautiful gate-leg table! Score!

  26. It's gorgeous. I wouldn't even paint it. You'll have a cutting mat on it and I think it looks wonderful as it is. Where can you get a cutting table for $52?

  27. I like it! It is feminine AND functional. How many people have the ability to fold their cutting table up and out of the way? Not me! Mine is a gigantic, steel and butcher block old architects desk. That beast is never going to be out of the way!

    Enjoy your gate leg table!

  28. I think it has "salt lake quilt market" written all over it!!!

  29. Seems like a great deal to me! Great idea for a cutting/sewing table!



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