Does anyone else see the potential in this?

Friday, July 9, 2010

O.K. So I am not a thrifter per say, but I came home with a little purchase today that my husband called "Junk".  I personally think this will be darling as my sewing/cutting table in my [soon to be] new sewing room.

$52 dollars for this little baby. 

It has two drop down leaves
[which I think are quite charming:)]

Cute spindley legs [I like to make up words...]

And it's white!  Perfect for the "white room" some of you might remember that I've been dreaming about!

Did I get ripped off?

My husband immediately saw the little chunk of wood that is missing on this drop down leaf:

I'm thinking it's no big deal, and besides, it adds character!

It also seems to be missing a coat of paint on the center section [or maybe some stain on the leaves].

That's easy enough to fix though [if I ever decide I need ONE MORE project.]

I thought it was a good price, but like I said, I am not a thrifter.  Any thoughts on that matter from any of you professional bargain hunters out there?

I am SUPER excited to get going on making over one of our extra bedrooms into a sewing room though!  Now...for paint colors...any suggestions? 

By the way, we're trying to decide if we're selling our house or taking it off the market.  So, I'm not rushing into anything here.  We'll have to see what happens in the next few weeks.

Anyways, ta ta for now!