A Quilted Message Board

Thursday, April 22, 2010

First, I just want to say sorry that a little of my bad mood yesterday spilled over onto my blog post.   I should have known it was going to be a rough day when I had hair dye [that stains] splattering all over my bathroom at 8 o'clock in the morning and then I wasted 45 minutes looking for this fuzzy little guy's "backpack" to return to my daughter's preschool (to no avail).  I felt like such a bad mom because I couldn't keep track of the two (2-piece) outfits, the backpack and the journal that accompanied him home with my daughter on Monday.   We still haven't found the backpack...

Anyways, sorry to vent, but I did complete a project this morning.  Horray!

I've been working on decorating my daughter's new room.  My dad was so sweet and offered to do the painting in there (thanks Dad!) last week.   After a couple coats of "Peach Kiss" by Benjamin Moore, I was ready to tackle this quilted message board project.

I found the frame at our local thrift store for $10.  Although it had a dark brown stain with some gold trim, I thought it had great bones [and I especially liked the detail of the fabric trim on the frame].  So I covered up the fabric with a little painter's tape and quickly gave the frame a few coats of off-white spray paint.

Yesterday I lightly sanded the edges, allowing the brown and gold to show through.  That added just the right amount of detail to break up all of that white paint.  I think it also highlights the great molding too.

For the quilted center, I hunted all over town for a white mattelasse sham that I thought would be a creative & cheap way to get the center part.  Unfortunately I only found one or two that were reasonably priced, but I wasn't in love with the quilting design on them.  After comparing the price that my quilter charges per square inch, I realized that I could have her quilt a custom design on some fabric for the same price as one of the ugly shams would cost.  A few days later I had this quilted panel: 

To complete the project I needed a few yards of this satin ribbon and some decorative pins [plus a lot of jimmy-riggin' to get the quilted center to stay put.  Put this down for another thing I am not - a custom framer-putter-together-person.]

And that's it - my quilted message board on the cheap.

One project down.  Fifty-five more to go. 

Have a great day!