A Giveaway

Friday, April 23, 2010

I have a dear sister named Cassie.  She is my little sis.  She is beautiful, intelligent, insightful...the list could go on.  She wants to be a freelance writer  and often posts about things dear to her heart on her beautiful blog ~ A Serenade for Solitude.  She's talented in so many ways & crafty too!  She's decided to giveaway one of her lovely bookmarks to one of her blog readers. 

Isn't it beautiful!?!  This one is my favorite, but she's got a couple others you can choose from if you win.  Go stop by, look around a bit on her beautiful and inspiring blog and be sure to leave a comment under her giveaway post.  Give her some good love ~ it's her first giveaway.


  1. It is beautiful. She must be very talented.

  2. Aren't sisters wonderful people. My sis is very, very special to me. She is coming to visit in June and I am so excited. I'm on my way to visit your sister's blog.

    Thanks for sharing - Marie

  3. Is this your sister that you just visited? If so I loved the guest bedroom she had set up for you! The creative genius seems to run in your family. Yes, I am mostly out of my sick stage and as always I am really happy about that. We did find out we are having another little boy. We went in for my first Ultra Sound and it was plain as day. We are excited...favorite names are Van and Drew. Hmmm this is getting long I will just call you some time to get caught up!


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