Road Trip {and a finished project and some funny things}

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This is my little nephew that lives in Montana. 
He is so fascinated with quilting and sewing machines.  He's been asking lot's of questions since I've been here, like "How old do you have to be to sew?"   His sweet little 6-year-old self whispered to his mommy the other day {as I was finishing sewing the binding on this quilt} "Aunt Amber is really good with sewing."  I mean what little 6-year-old would even pay attention to that kind of stuff?  Then when we pulled out his Mom's sewing machine, he got all excited and asked me if it was mine.  I said, "No, it's your mom's."  He didn't even know his mom owned a sewing machine!  We practically had to wipe the dust off of it.  :)  His mom is really depriving him...I mean the kid wants to learn.  (J/K, my sister's reading this over my shoulder.)

One of my little sidekicks and my parents and I came to visit his family last Saturday.  My little sis and her kids are here too.  We've been enjoying a little R and R, shopping, banana hazelnut crepes {at the Posh Chocolat cafe in downtown Missoula - yumm!} and Tivo'd Dancing With The Stars.  I even had time to finish a little project.  Wanna see?
That's my older sister, Tammy.  The one that doesn't sew.  EVER.
But she IS a great decorator.  And cook.  And mom.
This is her guest room {where my little sidekick and I are staying.}
I love this bird.  And the eggs.
It's kind of our joke that everything in my sister's house is either from Costco or T.J. Maxx.  We don't even have to ask.  And seriously everything she owns is cute.  Like things you wouldn't even think of - like her salt & sugar containers, her toilet paper holder and this keyboard that I'm using right now is resting on a beautiful wood "pad" with bevealed edges and painted scrollwork around the edges.  Seriously, if I only had her talent.  So needless to say, we always have to make a stop at T.J.'s while I'm here.  I mean, I have one about 30 minutes from my house that I only go to once in a great while, but I am so inspired when I come here that it's one of the first places I want to run to when I come to Missoula.   

So after a run to T.J. Maxx's and the Missoula Antique Mall, this is what I'm going home with:
Each of these items was $7 or less.  Pretty good huh?

Well, I just wanted to say "Hi" but I'm missing out on arm hair conversations so I've got to go.  Something about "Locks of Love."