Restless or Creative?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm feeling restless.  Needing a change.  Wanting to freshen things up around here.  I'm not really wanting new projects, but at the same time I am wanting new projects.  Do you know what I mean? 

Lately I've been enjoying this blog.  Holly is amazing.  I'm loving all of the white she uses. 

Like this:

and this:

and this:

Oh, and this:

Beautiful right?

From Holly's blog, I found this blog. 
[I've gotta remember this little shade if I ever decide
to make the change to WHITE.]

Love the pleats (or a ruffle would be cute too.) mind is reeling.

And then last night I was inspired by this: 

[Thank you Better Homes and Gardens for this lovely photo.]

When I saw it, I thought, "Hey, I could do that!"
I mean, I've got this space that desperately needs to be updated:
[Yeah, I've still got my Valentine's Day stuff up.  I know I'm a slacker.]

* O.K.  I was just rereading my post and am kind of embarrassed.  Seriously, is it really the end of March?  Oh my gosh.  I really need to get on the ball here...
And I've got these:

Are you seeing the potential here people?  All I need is just some white paint and some crown molding, right?  [I like to downplay the amount of work and money that goes into these kinds of things.]  I know it would be just lovely though.  But then I'd have to repaint this:


and these stools:

(plus the dining set in the background)  Yeah, don't ask. I just painted that green last summer.  I'm already regretting it. 

I haven't convinced my husband yet of all of this.  How crazy would it be to transform a house full of lots of red and green to whites and beiges?  Really crazy I think...  I'll probably have to let the idea go for now, at least until I finish some other projects.  It's fun to dream though isn't it?  It is.  But it's also a little bit of a curse - this creative gene.

Well, thanks for listening to me while I redecorated my whole house in my imagination.   I'm off to reality now.  Bye! 


  1. Like you I really enjoy the look of the white rooms. I'm not sure, however, that I could LIVE in it. I can't manage to wear a white shirt without getting it stained. I can't imagine what the pups would do.

    My valentines mini quilt is still on my wall too!

  2. I know what you mean, Amber. I finished the Easter dresses and started painting in my laundry room. But you gotta start somewhere.
    You could do your little area white. White goes with everything...then if after living with it for a while, you could start changing other things. I love your cupboard full of quilts. You should have heard me sigh when I saw those quilts.

  3. Okay, that is so weird. I have recently found Holly's blog. Just since I have been in Mississippi. I just painted this cute side table I found at the flea market a few weeks ago. And my lamp is on the porch, prepped to go white, too. You and me girl, miles apart, but on the same wave-length. love it. I really do love your black quilt cabinet. But I could see the rest of it going white. Darn it that you didn't paint that table white.

  4. Wow1 I can really relate to that line of thought. I can't even begin to imagine how many times I have redone my whole house over in my head. I wish it was that easy to tear down walls and move plumbing.

  5. i did that very thing a few years ago...we had the hunter green country thing going on from the 90's and it was time to chic it up a bit!

    everything underwent a serious transformation...even the kitchen cabinets went white....

    i love it all now, and i highly recommend doing it, it is a lot of work...but def. worth it in the end!

    all the white photos are stunning!
    thanks for the pretty, soft, light and bright eye candy tonight!
    ciao bella

  6. I think it is fantastic to be able to redecorate digitally and then redecorate digitally again with out spending a dime;) Love your quilt hutch and the black does show off all those beautiful quilts reminds me of a framed piece of beautiful art work.

  7. Love all the colors and quilts going on here... I love all the white too... Your inspiration photos and pieces are awesome! This is my first time visiting... I am impressed!

  8. Oh man...I am right there with you. I've always loved the white, and always thought that when my kids are bigger I'd love to do lots of white. But then you just have grandkids and I don't know if there's ever going to be a place for my white paradise. I just need a second home that I can do whatever I want with where kids won't be roaming free making messes. Ah...what money could do. :) I've been feeling very in the mood to re-do lots in my house lately. I've contemplated painting the armoire in my family room white, but I'm like's easier just to imagine it. :)
    P.S. Your house is too don't need to change a thing. I love your green table!

  9. Those whites are lovely, but I don't know that I myself would be able to live in a white house. I'd be too nervous to relax in my own home! I love the piece of furniture that your quilts are stored in!

  10. Yes some lovely white inspiration you've provided! Oh to have the time and endless decorating funds. One can dream of course!

  11. You have beautiful taste! I LOVE white furniture. I'm not so sure how I feel about white upholstery and bedding, though. Can you imagine the amount of time spent keeping those clean -- although I LOVE that white chair. Thanks for sharing!

  12. even thinking about going white with kids amazes me! you go girl

  13. Love all your white inspiration. :)

  14. Every once in a while I have to watch the movie "Somethings gotta give" because Diane Keaton's house in the movie is so beautiful. Everything is white. And it is so lovely. The punches of color now and then in the white add interest. It is just amazing to me how stunning white can be.

  15. Love the inspiration photos. Don't worry you are not alone. i go through this regularly. Love a neutral "palette" to work with and just add in color whenever I want to, so I'm all for your new look! Good luck,

    Fig Tree

  16. Lots of inspiration in the photos. However, I wouldn't paint the black cabinet as I feel that black is also a neutral. You don't want everything to be matchy match.

  17. Love that white! I wish I could do my whole house in white! The problem is that I have 2 dogs, kids, grandkids. I do have some white in my studio! I love it!


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