Cheat Day

Thursday, March 11, 2010

So my amazing cousin, Tina, just started a new business, called "Cheat Day", where she sells goumet cupcakes!  I'm so excited because I am going to a girls night out at her place tomorrow night, where we get to try all of her fabulous creations (now that is my kind of party!!!)

This is her Snicker-duo cupcake, but the Brunette Bombshell, the Lemon Chiffon & the Guava cupcakes all make my mouth water. 

She's doing a giveaway right now for 2 dozen gourmet cupcakes (your choice of flavor) for one lucky Utah resident or a great assortment of baking accessories if you're out of state.  So go on over to her website and enter to win.  Look around (or don't if you're on a diet).  Can I just say YUM?!? 


  1. Wow, everything looks too yummy on her site. I feel the calories going straight to my hips.

  2. Thanks for the CHEAT DAY love Amber! Can't wait for tomorrow night!

  3. Sounds scrum~delisheoso!

  4. yes, a party where there are treats to sample sounds great! every day is a cheat day, isn't it? lol

    ciao bella

  5. Mmmm, that sure looks good right now. That's my kinda party. I will go right over.


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