The Winner

Friday, February 12, 2010

of this:

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Result: 8
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So that means...wait, let me see...I don't know yet...oh!  Sheddy!  Yay! 

"sheddy said...

You're number one in my Google Reader. Read you every morning. Keep up the great work."

Thanks Sheddy!  Just send me your info and I'll pop this baby in the mail to you (oh, and a template for the heart.)  Hope you have fun making (& eating) CANDY HEARTS!  Thanks everybody for playing! 

Oh, and guess what else?  Moda Bake Shop wants to feature this on their site!  Kind of fun, huh?  I get to remake it using all Moda fabrics (the fabrics I used on the hearts for this one are from Tanya Whelan's (Free Spirit) Darla collection, if anyone's interested). So, I'm pretty excited!?! 

Hope all of you have a great day!!!