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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sorry I've been M.I.A. for a little while.  Feeling a little blah, I guess.  I've been doing a little of this and that, but not feeling like I have anything great to show for my efforts.  I finally took some pictures today of some projects that have been laying around my house.

First up, some Christmas ornaments.  That's right, Christmas ornaments.  I like to give my children an ornament in their stocking every year [usually one that contains a frame of some sort so that I can have pictures of them through the years on my Christmas tree].  Well, I guess I just didn't quite have it together this time around so the whole concept went out the door. Hey, I figure these kind of work for Valentine's Day too and what better time to get projects done for Christmas than 11 months beforehand!?!  Then there's not all the madness going on!  I'm sad to say that I looked and looked but for the life of me I could not find the tutorial again so unfortunately I don't know who to credit for this idea. 

[To whoever came up with this idea ~ Thank you! 
I'm not trying to take credit!  Just can't remember who you are!]

**O.K.  I just got a comment from Melissa over at the Polka Dot Chair and she was excited to see HER tutorial on MY blog.  So Melissa thank you and if you want to go see Melissa's version of these coaster ornaments go check out her blog!
I just found some coasters at the dollar store and used an eyelet setter-hole-puncher-thing [I think that's the correct term] to pound holes through them [which was way EASY!!!]  Then I punched holes in the pictures, glued the pictures on, added some rub-ons, a wire handle and some ribbon.  Easy peasy!
Then, on the back, I glued a piece of paper that had their name, the year and some little tid-bits about their happenings that year.
I have a feeling these will be some of my favorite ornaments next year, along with their little hand and foot ornaments.

Another project I've had laying around for quite a few days now is this little number.  I'm getting ready to quilt it on my machine.  I took some of your advice from my last quilting experience and asked the hubby to pick me up some basting pins the last time he was out.  He only came home with one pack so I'll have to get some more another time.  A little thing about me, I guess I kind of try to make do with what I've got.  I go far too long with a nick in my rotary blade, my ironing pad is totally stained and I use straight pins instead of basting pins when I machine quilt.  I guess I'd rather buy fabric then have the best of all that, but I'm realizing that I need to splurge on that kind of stuff once in a while too.

I don't know if I've publicly said this before, but I've had this Schnibbles pattern [& the fabric for it] for a while now and I sort of gave up on it when I realized how small the pieces were.  Because I planned to double or triple the original size of it, all of those small pieces didn't sound too appealing.  But I'm happy to report that I got a second wind and started working on it again.  Here's what I've got so far.  I was thinking I may use it as a shower curtain, but now I'm thinking that it still might not be big enough.  As you can see, I've still got a long way to go.

Oh, I did finish this top, but it might be a while before I'm able to have it quilted.
For now I'm just enjoying it's colors.  And it's ric rac. 

I did end up hiring someone to make my pattern cover sheets for me and they look SO much better!  I can't believe I was even considering using the ones that I made.  I'm really excited [and a little tired of this whole saga] but the printer said that everything looks fantastic now, so they're compiling proofs that are exactly like what the finished product will be and I should be able to look at them this afternoon. 
*Actually they just called and they're ready for me to look at!!!

Well, that's all for now.  Have a wonderful day!


  1. Best wishes at the printer's! Love the quilt tops, cute christmas ornament idea:)

  2. I love your whirlygig quilt. That is the rick rackk around the inner border? Very nice touch.

  3. Amber, you really do amaze me at how much you accomplish. Your ornaments of your kids are such a treasure and I love that you wrote on the back.
    Wow 2 quilt tops and a pattern too. Looking forward to seeing your pattern all finished. Hope it turned out like you wanted it to.
    Where and how will you market them?

  4. Wow! Congrats on the patterns! Big accomplishment Amber! Your quilt tops look amazing!

  5. You have been busier than you think! Look at all the wonderful stuff in this post. I just love the ornaments - I can easily see how they would become a favorite! I especially really, really love the words from Mom on the back. How special!

  6. Wow.....you have gotten alot done...love it all!!

  7. Great ornament idea...I think I'm going to copy you :) Also love the quilts, the Anna Horner fabric is adorable and the rick rack pattern is really cute...can't wait to see your packaging! That is exciting!

  8. Love the pretty, soft color quilt, it's gorgeous! Any way I could hire you to make me two of those ornaments? I absolutely LOVE them. They're not only beautiful but I love the sentiment behind them. Let me know if it's something you'd be interested in doing.

  9. What a sweet little surprise today! That was my tutorial! I'm sooooo excited someone liked it!!
    I love your quilts and patterns... I just started selling patterns too (but not for quilts)... it's exciting and nerve racking all at the same time huH!!

    Best of luck!! I hope you are very successful!!
    *another MBS gal*


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