Keeping It Real

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I just saw Kerri's latest post, titled, "Keeping it Real".  I thought I'd join in on the fun since I don't usually get too personal on my blog.  Maybe now I'll tell you a little bit more about myself...

Hi.  I'm Amber.  It's nice to meet you. 
[Sorry, but it was hard to find any pictures of me because I'm usually the one behind the camera!  The more I look at this picture I realize that it is a little disturbing.  Please, don't be scared!]

Anyways, I was born in Aneheim, CA.  I moved to Vancouver, WA. when I was six-years-old.  I grew up there and after graduating from High School in 1996, I got the boot from my parents who told me I needed to go to a church college [out of state]. I attended school in Rexburg, ID. for a short time [dare I say that I got kicked out of BYU Idaho!?!  I don't usually announce that, but I'm keeping it real!  My husband gives me a hard time because I get so embarrassed about that fact.  I was just a kid back then who didn't follow ALL the rules who lived with some not very sweet roommates who apparently didn't get pass the "tattling stage" of childhood.]   In the fall of 1997 I moved to Provo, UT.  I quickly met my soon-to-be husband (who at first I told that we should "just be friends" and then 6 months later I realized that he was everything I ever wanted and so I asked him if we could start hanging out again.)  We were married a few months later on June 19th, 1998. 

Here we are in Park City [2008] on a "Husband Appreciation Night", which was preceeded by many "Wife Appreciation Nights" prior to. We were going up the ski lift so we could go down the zip line! It was beautiful!

We've got two little ones:
o.k.  I have to clarify, I have a boy and a girl.  Someone left a comment saying I had two beautiful daughters, which made me laugh!  But this is my son.  Maybe he looks like a girl because of his hair?!?  I guess I should have put a better picture on.  I just love those curls!  There all gone now, so I guess I was just feeling sentimental when I wrote this post. :) 

o.k. is this better?
All of these pictures are a few years old.  I guess I better start snappin' some more these days.
But don't let their sweet little faces fool you, they can be as sassy and fiesty as their mom.

Here are a few little things about me:

*I've got 2 sisters & 2 brothers  All of which live out of state.  My parents moved here in June so now I FINALLY have some of my side of the family here.

*I'm sorry to admit this, but I'm not really an animal lover so no pets in this house [at least for now].  My childhood cat became an outdoor cat at one point and everytime he would come around me I would completely freeze up until someone would get it away from me.  I thought for sure it would claw me to death if I made any sudden moves.

*I've been told that I usually tell it like it is, but I like to think that I'm pretty nice about it though :) 

*I love decorating, scrapbooking and quilting.

*I am so not a fashionista.  I wish I were.  But I'm not.

*I have naturally curly hair that I get from my dad.

*I danced all through jr. high and high-school.  I got the "I don't get it award" at our end of the year banquet.  Nice huh?

*I always tell this one, but I have spent one night at a home for abandoned children when my parents left me at a Wendy's restaurant during a family vacation to Canada.  I was 8 years old.  They didn't realize I wasn't in the car when they left the restaurant.  There were probably about 9 kids and 4 adults in our van - so it was madness.  They realized I was missing the next morning when I wasn't in my bed.  Needless to say it was pretty traumatic for me [and I'm not a big fan of Wendy's].

*I have crazy, crazy dreams.  They're so vivid and I can usually remember every detail! 

*I am terrified of public speaking and with a good reason too - in Elementary school I ran for student council and when it was my turn to give my speech in front of the whole school I just stood up there and laughed.  For a long time.  I didn't go sit down.  I just stood there and laughed.  Why!!!  Oh, so embarrassing!  Needless to say, I'm not too comfortable with a microphone.

Well, that's enough about me.  Hope I didn't bore you guys too much!  If you feel so inclined to "Keep it Real" on your blog then send me a link.  We can all get to know each other a little better!


  1. so sweet of you to share so much! Your children are adorable... not as cute as mine of course, but none are :)

  2. I enjoyed hearing about you. You have a wonderful family and it is good to know someone that can tell it like it is...

  3. I remember being there at that assembly. I wanted so much to go up there and hug you! You are the best Ambs.
    I just love you okay?!
    Thanks for sharing. I love the pictures by the way. So cute.

  4. amber, that was so fun to read!! thanks for letting me know you posted too. :)

    i love the story about wendy's! i don't think i would like wendys either though if it had happened to me. funny though, we just took the kiddos to wendy's last night for frostys!!


  5. You have some cute, cute, cute kids! They have a beautiful mom too.

    The Wendy's story - how traumatic. That must have been scary for you and your parents.

  6. Thanks for the good laugh're the best! I cant believe of all the times we've been together, I've never heard the Wendy's story. Awesome. We need to get together soon, especially since you won't be at bunko:(.

  7. OK, so I knew most of that info, but I don't think I've ever heard about the "I don't get it" award. That's hilarious!

    P.S. I love those ornaments. I think it would be fun to do that every year for your kids.

  8. Thank you, Amber for sharing. You look every inch the fashionista to me!

  9. Loved getting to know you a little bit Amber! What darling daughters you have! I got left at a mall after a Ice skating Birthday Party when I was about 8. I am pretty sure I would boycott Wendy's if i had been left there in Canada too.

  10. Super cute! And now I have so many more questions for you... LOL, try this link: watch the clip that was on mine and Cassie's blogs. Hope you like it

  11. I loved it, Amber! Thanks for "Keepin' it Real"! I have never heard that Wendy's story! That is one of my biggest fears as a mother! I'm glad you turned out as normal as you did...ha! Just kidding, but I'm sure it was so traumatic!

  12. Love it! I didn't know the Wendy's story, i can't imagine what your poor mother felt like :) Also, I was laughing as I was reading because of the speech thing, now that you mention it, I remember it! Ohh and BTW, I love the pic you posted, its very cute and I like your hair!

  13. It was great getting to know you a little better. Your children are adorable and you and your husband look made for each other. Thanks for sharing. Great idea.

  14. 2 things... 1) how is it possible that I didn't make it into this post? and 2) Blake is a boy? I never knew.

  15. I remember you telling us the Wendy's story in high school and I could see that it still traumatized scary! Loved the pics and loved getting to know a few more things about you, what a fun post!

  16. Mom here, for those of you who don't know me. Amber, you've come a long way for going public on the Wendy's story. The next day when we discovered you were missing was one of the worst days of my life. I remember you were afraid we would leave Canada and go back home without you, and I told you we would never have left without you. I remember that you wouldn't talk about this story for years. "Amber, you're student of the week; would you like to tell the story about when you were left at Wendy's? That's something unique that the other kids won't have experienced." But you never did want to share about it. And then, a few years later when we told the story at a mother/daughter gathering, we cried all the way through it. And look at you now! You're an awesome, incredible woman, Amber. I'm so glad you're one of my daughters!

  17. Hey Amber, that was such a great little re-cap of you :) That Wendy's thing WOW like a home alone episode LOL but not really that funny hey?
    I would love for you to visit my blog more often that would sure be great. Take care, give the munchkins a hug for me cause they are so cute!!

  18. Hi Amber!
    I came over to visit you to enter in the giveaway - but I just had to keep reading! I love the way you post - it feels like you are just talking to us! A couple of things that I could relate to - the first picture of your son was just beautiful - yes the curls seem to go away don't they. I have a picture of my first son with long blond hair - now he is 15 with short brown hair! Also, the thing about public speaking - I can relate - the very first time I had to give an oral project in Junior High, I did the same thing you did - just stood there and laughed and laughed. Pretty silly huh? Actually I still think it is funny! Oh and one more thing - I was a wild child first and then joined the LDS church at 30ish - so I can relate there too!

    I'm so happy for you and your quilt pattern business. Your story of your grandmother is so precious - what a wonderful relationship you developed and what beautiful memories you created with her! Nothing can take that away :) And the first quilt you did with her was gorgeous - and I'm not just saying that because I want to win. It really is very pretty - I like simple patterns :)

    Well, I've blabbed enough. I'm going up to enter your giveaway and become a follower. I'll add your button to my blog - although I haven't been sewing too much lately - in a quilting funk right now.

    "See" you soon :)


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