The Winner

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

O.K.  It's not letting me copy and paste the info from RANDOM.ORG [I guess I accidently didn't allow access from the website to my clipboard and now it really doesn't want to give it up!] so just trust me when I tell you who the winner is [and know that I did this honestly and without bias :)]  Really.  There were only 53 entries and I knew most of you personally, so the chances that I would know the winner were high...So.  Without further ado.  The winner is #39 - my dear Sister-In-Law, Melanie Johnson.  She lives in New York, but will be coming out here to Utah for the holidays, so Melanie, we'll hook up soon and I'll get that table runner to ya.  Can't wait to see you guys!  Anyways, thanks everyone for playing.  I love doing these giveaways and hope to do more soon (possibly with some of my patterns...:) and please, don't ask.  It's a long yada, yada kind of story.)  I really am working on them.  The patterns are done, it's just the covers that have been giving me fits.  

Anyways, Melanie, this one is for you!  Hope the rest of you have a wonderful Christmas season!