The Lights at Temple Square

Sunday, December 6, 2009

To help us get in the mood for the Christmas season, we decided to go see the lights at The Salt Lake Temple this last Friday.  We don't usually go to this as it's very cold in December in Utah and I'm kind of a baby.   But we called up some friends who said they were game for an evening of good food and a wholesome family activity.  Apparently I have been missing out on this Utah Christmas tradition over the last few years.  Hundreds of thousands of lights are hung to help people know that we are here for the purpose of celebrating the birth of Christ.  Millions of people visit Temple Square every year, many of those during the Christmas Season.  It was beautiful!  And, I especially enjoyed the narriated nativity.  The kids were in awe and because we were front and center for this show, we got this fabulous picture:

After the nativity, we decided to go indoors to the Visitor's Center.  I was so excited to show my children the Christus and talk about the Resurrection with them.  It's a beautiful and amazing statue reminding us of His redeeming love for us.

I love this shot of the temple I got after several tries with my camera.

I hope this year that we all might remember the true meaning behind Christmas - a celebration of the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.  What a wonderful gift his life, example and sacrifice are to us. 


  1. It is fantastic! We went last week and totally enjoyed ourselves. I was a little resistant at first, thinking about how cold it was outside, but once we got there I didn't mind it a bit. And the pictures don't do it justice. I took so many and it just never captured how beautiful it all really looked.

  2. Amber,
    Your pictures are fantastic! I do not live in Utah and have never been able to see the SLC Temple at Christmas so thank you for sharing. If you ever have the opportunity to be in DC during the Holidays they also have a live Nativity and a wonderful display in the visiter center.

  3. I love the lights at Temple Square. We usually make it a yearly tradition and brave the cold. It's worth it. Thanks for the reminder about what Christmas is really all about!

    P.S. We did the live nativity in Alpine on Fri. night. I think tonight is the last night. I don't know if you guys ever do that, but it's really cool.

  4. I'm not LDS, but one of our Christmas traditions is to go visit the Oakland Temple for the lights. We no longer live in the Bay Area and we miss that so much. I love seeing your photos, Amber!

  5. Was married in the SLC it!!


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