It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Well, it was a two week process, but I'm finally done getting my Christmas decorations up.  I thought I would post a few more pictures since some of you had asked to see the Christmas banner that I made last week with some crafty friends of mine. 

This banner was inspired by this picture.

It was a fun little project that we were able to get done in one evening.  We just used a Cricut machine to cut out the cardstock letters and then applied black glitter with a gluestick.  I'm thinking maybe Mod Podge would work better next time though!?!

I love my little hand and foot ornaments that my friend, Shelby, made for me when both of my children were babies.  I think they're my favorite ornaments and my kids LOVE finding them each year as we decorate the tree.  Aren't they the sweetest things!?!  I think it's nice (and possible) to combine beautiful ornaments with some sentimental as well.  Why not have both, right? 

My scrappy Peppermint Fancy quilt from a few years ago... 

The next few photos are of some more of my favorite ornaments (edited on  We made these star ornaments with our church's Activity Day program a couple years ago.  The idea came from this book I have.

Here's the poem that goes with it:

Here's a magical Christmas star
With a tradition old and true
May it bring you warmth and love
From our home to you.

Now everyday 'til Christmas
Find someone in your home
And secretly do a deed of love
So your identity won't be known.

And when the secret act is done
Place the star upon their bed.
They in turn do a secret deed
For another, it is said.

And like the star so long ago
Lit the sky for all to see
May this star bring light & joy
To your sweet family.
- Author Unknown 

I read a story the other day that talked about what all of the decorations of Christmas symbolize.  It made me feel better about putting so much time and effort into the decorating part of Christmas.  Sometimes the meaning of the holiday can get lost, but each little decoration we put up probably has some kind of reference to our Savior and how we should be doing goodwill to our brothers and sista's!  It's actually a good thing that we have all of those reminders surrounding us so much this time of year.  I plan to pay attention a little more to the meanings behind my decorations.

Well, the snow has fallen and we've broken out the Stephen's Vanilla Hot Chocolate (is it really "hot chocolate" if it's vanilla?) around here.  Mmm, that sounds good right now.  Time to get me some!  Hope you have a warm and festive day!  
~It's the perfect day to snuggle up with a cozy quilt and a loved one (or two)! :)  Bye!