In the spirit of giving...

Friday, December 11, 2009

We'll, it's kind of a special occasion around here.  It's my 150th blog post AND it's Christmas time, so I thought it was definitely time for a giveaway!  I've been thinking about all of you and the kindness you've shown me over the past year and a half since I've started blogging.  I wanted to make you a little something so I came up with this scrappy runner.  It's a little Christmas-y (lots of different greens, whites, & beiges) but you might be able to get away with using it other times of the year too.  I love having lots of table toppers this time of year.  It just finishes things off sometimes. 

The runner measures 31" x 12.5" and it's REALLY scrappy (even the back and binding are pieced) so, if you like it... or you don't like it, but think maybe someone you know might like it...then leave me some comment love below. 

The giveaway closes at NOON on Tuesday, December 15th.  Don't be shy to enter.  Anyone can enter and you don't have do any work for this one!  Leaving a friendly comment wouldn't hurt though:)  I'll ship to wherever and TRY to get it there by Christmas.  

Plus, a cute little snowflake, from me to you!