Trick-or-Treating - 1981

Monday, November 2, 2009

I tried so desperately to post these pictures this weekend, but I think one of the kids unplugged something on the computer and left me internetless for two days! So I know it's a day late and a dollar short, but here are our pictures from Halloween.

First, the kids just wanted to wish you all a happy Halloween.
Did any of you feel like Halloween was a two-day event this year because of all the school parties on Friday and then Trick-or-Treating on Saturday? Not my favorite... But, here is B at his school costume parade. He was Zorro [Spanish for Fox - my husband explains as he had to look up the spelling for me]. It's hard to tell he was Zorro since I didn't photograph the whole costume and they weren't allowed hats, masks and weapons at school. That basically made up his whole costume :) Oh well.

A lot of people wondered what M was, especially when she left her pom poms in the car or with dad. When I was buying the fabric for the skirt, a lady said, "Oh that is so pretty! Is that for a Christmas dress?" I had to answer, "No, it's for my daughters Halloween cheerleader costume." Followed with strange looks from the lady.

But the reason why I had to do it that way was because of this photograph:

(Me & my two brothers)

1981 baby! You can thank Connie D. for that look :) (just kidding Mom!)

Anyways, all in all it was good times.

Hope yours was safe and Spooktacular!
Love, the Johnsons