Little Missy

Thursday, September 3, 2009

This little girl asked her brother the other day, "B, do I look cute today? ...Stylish? ...Functional?" (And if you know her, you'll know there was a little shake of the hips and some hand motions involved when she asked it. Yeah. She's only FOUR.) B and I had some good laughs over that one. It was just so funny the way she said it. She definitely keeps us laughing (or crying - it depends on the day.)

Swingin' at Nana & Papa's house.


  1. I kept looking and thinking, "I know that place, where is it?" And then it hit me just as I read the tiny font.

    Lovely pictures of Miss Maya.

    I just took a bunch of pictures of Jeli on that swing Saturday.

  2. LOVE these pics. So cute! You'll have to keep them handy and do something with them. Are you still scrappin'????/

  3. We miss you guys! Maya is such a cutie! I got such a kick out of watching her & Olivia at the reunion. All their hugs - and the conversations were PRICELESS! Preschooler dialog is the BEST! :)

  4. she's darling, and smart! Cute pics.

  5. Hilarious! Functional?! Still chuckling!


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