Heart Blocks #3 & #4 (plus a little sneak peak)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I would like you to meet blocks Three & Four:

I am loving this Heart to Heart pattern I'm working on right now! It's just so fun playing with a new design and fabrics on each block!

I'm also in a very good mood because this baby is done (pattern and all)!

The pattern is being edited and we've got a little photo shoot tomorrow! After that it's printing time and then off to the quilt shops I go! My goal is to start selling my first three patterns by the end of September. I've got a couple more pattern ideas up my sleeve, but I guess I should see how all of this goes before I get in too deep. I've never done this before and don't really have anyone showing me the ropes. It's just a little fantasy of mine and I'm having so much fun creating, writing, etc. It's been a fun process thus far.


  1. Yay! I'm so excited for you and your business venture! :)

  2. Very cute heart block's! Good luck with the Pattern's:)

  3. I especially LOVE the top heart block! SO CUTE! AAAHHHH! I can just admire all the detail and HAND-work. I have no patience for the hand sewing. My great grandmother used to give us hand-sewn quilts regularly. They were mismatched patched quilts that fell apart the first week we used them. She wasn't much for sewing - I think she felt obligated to make quilts - maybe the "grandma" expectation of the time. Anyway, I always think hand-sewn will just fall apart. I know it's a disintegration of mine - and you and Gigi's handsewn things are PROOF! :) Best of luck with your pattern biz! I can't wait to see how it all works out for you. Go girl for taking it head-on!!!

  4. I can't believe you finished your binding already!

    Darling heart blocks!


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