I've been away

Monday, August 24, 2009

with all of these people:

Let me specify. They're not just any people - they're my extended family on my mom's side!

I've been doing a little of this:

and a little of that:

(O.K. Let's just say that I was shaking out of my boots up there.)

Whew! I'm almost down!


  1. Thats awesome!! Looks like fun and alot of family. Love the heart! Nice work!

  2. Looks like you had fun!

    P.S. LOVE the heart block!

  3. So much fun! And so good to see you all! Miss you already!

  4. Ahh, look at you working the heights. You are one brave girl!

    LOVING your new look on the blog. CUTE!!!

  5. I love your new topper! CUTE! I can SO relate to the shakin' out of your boots! I did the zip-line, and my legs were literally shaking! That is SO HIGH! I didn't realize I was afraid of heights til then! It was AWESOME to see you and your fam! Thanks for the yummy salad and for spending time with us! Can't wait til next time!

  6. Great family picture! That camp looks awesome!

  7. It was SO great to see you and your family and everyone. What a great time we had! Thanks again for the ride you gave Lucky and Mika. I'm embarrassed it took so long to work through that decision. It turned out to be a really good one since it took 5 hours to get our car home. Also, thanks again for getting us all to do some quilting. It was fun and hopefully I'll do a little more of it! Love ya! Janet

  8. That was so much fun! It was great to spend time with everyone!


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