Fresh Watermelon

Thursday, August 27, 2009



EQUALS A FINISHED THIS:The pattern for the main body of this quilt is by Black Mountain Quilts.
The border was designed by a friend, Lori Neubert. Of course our quilts are a little different from each other though. Lori did a tan border with white daises, no stop border, a straight edge at the bottom and all of her lettering went across in one curvy line. It was so cute! I wish she had a blog - her quilts are AMAZING!!! This was such a fun quilt to make! Working on this quilt has taught me that my quilts tend to be a little prude and I need to have more fun with my creations in the future!

Kayleen Parry in Lehi, UT did the quilting on this and I am so pleased. She did a wonderful job. I even love the yellow daises, which I was nervous about. Too many colors of threads! Agh! Crazy! She used red on the log cabin blocks, yellow on the black stop border and cream on the bottom border. But, it all turned out fabulous. And she gives you 10% off with your first order :)

All of the applique was done using Heat 'n Bond and a tiny zig zag stitch. Yeah. I know. I consider myself a professional zig - zager now.