Scout Camp + Mom in Survival Mode = Sewing Frenzie (Day 7)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

This last project for my "Sewing Frenzie Week" is a baby quilt that an old friend from high school asked me to make. She gave me free reign on the pattern and fabrics. Her only requests were "Blue and modern." So I grabbed up some of my favorite blue, green, and brown prints at Just Sew and whipped this up. The pattern I used is "Nest" from United Notions/Moda. They have a lot of free patterns, so you should check out their site! I had the quilter do an all-over circle design, but my heart is yearning for more of them so I am going to see if she'll add a few more...

So this will have to wait a little while longer to become a striped binding on the bias:

Isn't it a great stripe? It's called Daisy Chain by Amy Butler.

Well, thanks for checking out my projects from last week. I've got more projects and pictures to share, so check back soon. Bye!