My First Quilt

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Camille (from the blog I check practically every day, Simplify) is hosting a "Parade of Quilts" (and possibly doing a fun giveaway) so I had to join in. I can't believe I have never posted about this before! But, here it is: my first quilt I ever made. I call it "4 Corners" - kind of a lame name, but each block had red squares in each corner so when they all got together there were even bigger red squares. Anyways. This quilt is special to me because my grandma helped me with it (starting in '98/'99) and taught me the basics of quilting as we worked. I've been addicted ever since, although it actually took me a few years to complete it.

Only stripes, checks and plaids were allowed in this quilt.

So, this is the most recent quilt that I've finished:

I don't love it (I was just trying to use up scraps.) Anyways, we're suppose to say what we have learned along the way... Well, I have learned so much! Fun, time saving tricks, lessons about color and machine quilting, formulas for triangles...the list could go on and on. But, probably the most important thing I've learned is to be accurate when cutting and with my seam allowances. That would have saved me from so many headaches on my first quilt, if I would have been more accurate.

I'm excited for the Parade of Quilts. Great idea Camille and Carrie for coming up with it! For anyone who is interested in quilting, check out Camille or Carrie's blog on Monday for the list of links for all those who participated in the parade.