French Roses Quilt for M

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Well, it's finally done. I think I started this quilt a couple years ago and it's finally done! Yay! It's for M's big girl bed (queen size.) Now, I just need to put a label on it, get a new bed skirt, sheets, pillow shams, paint, get a bed, etc. Oh, I know RJ loves me and all of my projects. I tell him that I actually feel cursed having such a creative mind. It kind of poses a problem sometimes...Sometimes I wish I could just let things be...but, I can't. The lists go on and on:)
Oh, by the way, let me get your opinion on this - are any of you feeling a particular paint color for this room? Would pink be too much? Would green be better? And, if you're leaning towards green (like I think I am) read on before answering.

There was actually a little (it seemed big at the time) fiasco when I had this quilt quilted. Let's just say I spent about 5 hours clipping the raw edges that the quilter had sewn over (showing the backside of all the fabrics.) So - word to the wise, if you ever have a raw edge applique quilt quilted, then tell who ever is doing the quilting that she can go over the raw edges, but not to fold over the fabrics in the process. BIG learning experience for me! But anyways, it's done now. It was a big labor of love and M will be able to keep it forever. She was practically giddy when it was time to put it on her bed. She made me laugh when she was sitting on the bed with it and she rolled her hands over the multi-colored square border saying "I love these (skip the green) and I love these!" She's obviously a pink girl. Doesn't care so much for the green. Hopefully she'll learn to accept that it has some green on it as she gets a little older.

Checked binding on the the backing 40% off (if you know me I am not a sale getter, so I was pretty proud of my purchase. Didn't even have the quilt with me when I bought the back fabric. I think it goes quite nicely.)