Valentine's Day gift for Teachers

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Valentine's Day
is just around the corner and here is what I'm giving to my children's teachers.
It's an easy project. Took me five minutes to make. Had all the supplies on hand. I'm done. Check.

It's a little door-hanger-thing.

Just cut a heart shape out of paper. Trace it on to the wrong side of your fabric. Cut out two hearts (I just layered my fabric and cut them both out at the same time.) With wrong sides together, sew around the heart, leaving about a 2-inch opening on one of the straight edges of the heart. Pull inside out. Stuff it as much as you can with pillow stuffing. Hand sew it shut using a coordinating color of thread. To get the ribbon through - use a needle with a large eye (I used a "chenille" needle.) Make a loop. Tie a knot and a bow. Bam. You're done. You can attach a cute little tag if you want -which is what I plan to do sometime before V-day.


  1. SO cute, I wish I was your kids teacher...and I wish I knew how to sew. So many wishes...

  2. Thanks for the great idea...I think I'll see what I have on hand!

  3. That is a cute idea. I want to make some to hang around my house.

  4. Love it, might whip some out this week with some of my extra valentines fabric. I don't get the ribbon though?

  5. Megs, Just thread some ribbon through a needle with a large "eye" (I used chenille needles because that's the biggest kind I had. You might be able to buy some that are bigger than that - I don't know.) Then go in through the front of the heart and right out the back with your needle/ribbon. I kind of had to tug a lot to get the needle and ribbon through, but it will work. Then just make a loop with one end of the ribbon and tie a knot around it using the other end of the ribbon. Then just tie a bow. It's not hard. I just kind of jimmy rigged the whole thing. You can do it. There's no right or wrong way to do it.

  6. Amber, this is Mark, say hi to ryan for me.


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