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Thursday, February 12, 2009

My sweet sister-in-law, Brittany, is always emailing me fun tutorials, project ideas and inspiring photographs. I love her for it. So I just had to do one of these initial projects for the family room, when she sent me the tutorial on it from Nicole at Our Cozy Nest. My dear friends Misty and Keri joined in on the fun and made one for their daughter's bedrooms. I think it took us about 4 hours to get all 3 of them done, but now we're pro (right girls?) It really wasn't hard though - I'm not sure why it took so long...

Here's Misty working on her perfect stitches (no fair!)
Of course Keri always whips her projects out way before the rest of us and of course it is always cute as can be. Love the bright, funky fabrics for Lilly.

Kate's "K" turned out so cute in the shabby chic fabrics.

Mine wasn't quite done at this point...but we had to get a picture before they headed home (at midnight.)

O.K. Now mine is done. Here's my finished project.

It always feel so good to create something...


  1. I love mine! I still haven't hung it yet. I'll post pictures when I do. Thanks for the fun idea and night, although I look like death in the pictures:). You have inspired me yet again to get going on some projects. I love the "love" t-shirt idea from that same website you found this project. You should whip that out for Mya, since you rock at projects! Too bad there's not enough time to do that for my girls. Anyways thanks for the fun time.
    Love ya!

  2. They all turned out fabulous! What a fun night with the girls.

    I am so loving your black frame. If it's not top secret, you'll have to tell me where I can find one.

  3. Sooo cute! who is the J for? I love your valentines for the kids, sooo crafty!

  4. Thanks again for the great night. The more I look at mine, the more I like's growing on me. Love your finished product!

  5. Hey it is so nice to hear from you. you look great and as always, doing awesome creative stuff. If you ever want, lets go to lunch or something.

  6. OMG! J! LOL, I guess I still think your a Davis! Too funny.

  7. you are gonna have to make one for me... you know how crafty I am!!


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