White pitchers

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I am often inspired when cruising around Blog Land by all of the beautiful decorating, craft projects and quilting ideas that I see. I've seen a couple pictures with white pitchers and dishes lately that I have loved. I too am drawn to these kinds of monochromatic displays. I have been collecting white pitchers and dishes for about 10 years now (as long as I've been married.) I think I was inspired by a magazine subscription that I had to Country Living back then. RJ got me many of them back in the day when he was traveling internationally quite a bit. I got a few from my mom and I also purchased a few that I just had to have. After a while, with any sort of collection, you have to pull back the reigns though so I don't really buy them any more. Although my heart does skip a beat when I see some sort of pitcher, especially those that look like they just came off a potter's wheel. I decided to post a few pictures from my collections.