I Spy

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Look at this cutie. RJ found her with this elaborate drawing on her new easel. She explained that it was a picture of B (sad) because she had taken his toy. Can you "spy" the word TOY that she wrote all by herself? The person that she drew was B, but then she added the cute arches of "hair" so that it could be her instead. RJ and I were kind of amazed that the word TOY really was on there! I said, "M, how did you get to be so smart?" and she said, "Because I know my language!"


  1. So cute. What a little smartie pants!

  2. No surprise, you are such a good mom.

    I love the arched hair. Jeli use to draw her hair the same way. Adorable!

  3. I love kids they are so funny!!! I love it. I can see toy with a backwards Y what a good picture

  4. Maya is so cute! You have a great family! I love the cute things kids say!


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