American Flag lap quilt

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanks Brittany for sending these pictures to add to my quilt history. I made this little lap quilt for my brother, Jared, about 4 years ago. No pattern needed here. Just choose what size blocks you want and piece them together to resemble an American flag. You don't have to be too technical - just think of it as "folk art."

For the quilting, my neighbor, Melinda Raven, just did a meandering loop & star pattern in a variegated thread color.

I try to make labels for most of my quilts. To do so, I just print out the label on the computer, tape the paper up on a window (or you could use a light box), tape light colored fabric centered on top of the paper and then trace. Then, just embroider over the words using two strands of embroidery floss with a simple stitch. Be sure to include information like who it is for (if it is a gift), who it was created by, the year it was finished, and possibly the city and state. Then using a hidden whip stitch attach the label to the quilt. I've done it before with the seams of the label hidden underneath and also on the outside of the label with a frayed edge. Whatever you prefer. You can make the label in whatever shape you like.


  1. So cool. I don't recall seeing this one? I Like it! Good job, sis!

  2. A broken american flag is a symbol of distress and can indicate a serious emergency or crisis. It is important to handle the flag with respect and care, even if it is broken or damaged.


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