Scarecrow Wallhanging

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

This was probably my most fun quilt to make. My mother-in-law took a class from a local quilt shop and this was the pattern. So I borrowed the pattern from her when she was all done and did the quilt on my own. It was such a blast. Every block was different, so I tried a bunch of blocks that I had never made before and playing with a new set of colors each time was great fun too. I loved doing the checkerboard border, the paper-pieced leaves, and the appliqued scarecrow and pumpkins, as well as all of the embroidery on them. American Quilting in Orem, Utah designed this quilt and did the machine quilting when I finished piecing the top. They used a swirl pattern that kind of reminds me of wind. I am finally enjoying this quilt as it came out from my quilt cabinet in my entryway (last month) and is now hanging up above my entry table. This was so much fun! I would do another one if I could!


  1. Ambs, you're still online?! :) Just kidding. I LOVE the quilt. It's so cute. I haven't seen it in your entry...I'll have to see it next time I've over.

  2. I am so glad you posted that cookie recipe. I just bought the Andes mints today and was going to call you.

  3. Amber, you are amazing!! That quilt is gorgeous!!


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