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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I've been wanting to find out some of your ideas for fun (free) activities that you do with your kids at home or around the neighborhood. Activities that are kind of silly, special treats that you do with your kids. For example, once in a while, me and my kids will have a "hot tub." We all get our bathing suits on and get the water in the bathtub pretty hot (like a hot tub) and just enjoy. Secretely, I mostly do this because I like the water "hot" and so we pretend that we're in a hot tub. My kids love to get their swimsuits on and like having mom in there with them. It's kind of a special treat. One other fun thing we did last night, was to go up on our landing at around 7:30 at night. We turned off all the lights in the house, got some pillows, blankets, stuffed animals (and the kids wanted us each to have our own glass of water for some reason:)) and a flashlight. We made a little bed on the floor and read books in the dark with a flashlight. It was fun and the kids loved it. So, do you have any more ideas? Please share! I feel like a good mom when I do these kinds of things with my kids so the more ideas the better!


  1. this is simple - and can be done anywhere - my kids love to play the "things I love about you game" - if we have a lot of time- we choose five things - or three or two. We all go around and everyone lists what they love about Daddy, Brielle, Zoe and Micaela and even ME - no repeats - my girls love it. Mostly it is done while we are all piled in our bed - cuddling!!!

  2. Amber, you're such a cute mom! When David and Tina were little I used to enjoy doing science experiments with them. And, believe me, I'm not a scientist. But I had a list of simple kitchen things to do with kids. The only one I remember is putting a tissue in a cup, and then turning in upside down and submerging it in water. Why doesn't the paper get wet even though it's under water? Blake and Maya might be a little young for this, but I figure anything done with Mom is fun, even if they don't really get what's going on. I imagine if you google "chemistry experiments for kids" or something like that you'll find some fun and educational ideas. I just wanted to get them excited about science since I'm SO not into that. Who knows if it really helped...
    Another fun thing we did a lot when friends would come over is I would invent some kind of crazy scavenger hunt/obstacle course: run around that tree 3 times, jump on the stone in the garden and yell "alleyoop" at the top of your lungs, find a ladybug and tell her how beautiful her eyelashes are.....etc. You could tell them all the chores (say, maybe 8 of them), and when they forget what's next they can come back to you to check the list. Whoever completes the tasks first gets two hugs, and the others get one. Or whatever the prize might be. Or maybe it need not be a competition. Anyway, my kids and nieces and nephews loved it. We had lots of fun! (Aunt) Janet

  3. Amber, I don't mean to deluge you, but your question has me thinking of some fun memories. Anyway, here's something we used to do in the car. The more people there are, the better it works. We would count to 10. Yep, that's it! Ha ha. Well, the way to play is someone says "1," then someone else randomly says "2," and so on. It's all random as to whose turn it is to say the next number. The catch is that if more than one person says the same number at the same time, then you have to start back at one again. My family members are all so talkative and anxious to pipe in, that sometimes it took forever to get to 10! If you need this explained better, call me. It was fun and helped pass the time a little on road trips.


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