Happy Anniversary Quilt

Monday, November 3, 2008

I feel kind of embarrassed about posting this, but I am trying to make a history of all of my quilts. Soon all of these pictures will be in a category of their own and you wont have to look at them unless you're interested. So bare with me until I get new posts up and these get covered up. Also, I am no photographer so excuse the poor quality photos.
This was a quilt I made in honor of Ryan's and my 9th wedding anniversary. Nine hearts for nine years. The 9" heart block pattern is from Teri Christopherson's Heart Wreath Quilt. I used her block pattern and then added my own borders. It was a spontaneous decision to use the red floral fabric that I did. I ended up using it because I had enough leftover from the border on my Peppermint Fancy Quilt. Ryan was out of town one night and I wanted to start a new project. Thus the red floral heart blocks. Normally I would have done those scrappy, but I just did the backgrounds scrappy instead. The back is pieced using 5 & 1/2" squares of cream & tan scraps. The label information was embroidered right onto one of the squares on the back. This was a really fun quilt to make and got me thinking that small quilts are the way to go! Faster and cheaper!