Friday, October 24, 2008

Keri tagged me with this:
When my kids show love & kindness to each other
When my kids are obedient and sweet
Doing anything that has to do with quilting
Accomplishing anything on one of my many "to-do lists"
Good talks with my husband
Quality family time - just the 4 of us
Kid's bedtime
Getting my exercise in for the day!
When my parents/siblings/in-laws are happy

Husband or kids dying/getting seriously hurt
Child predators
Speaking in front of large groups
The ocean, whales and kangaroos - they are all FREAKY!
* I think wild animals and people should NOT mix and I'm kind of against zoos or keeping animals trapped up - sorry just a side note - I know it's not a fear!

White pitchers

Had to stay one night at a home for abandoned children
Fantasize about being a quilt designer or store owner

So now I am tagging Cassie, Brittany, Sabrina and all of the 'Couve girls!

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